【1. Development of mosaic charged membrane】

 We have developed mosaic charged membranes which have both cation exchange and anion exchange regions in parallel with the its thickness direction. Because of such unique structure, high ion transport of both anion and cation is expected due to the circulating current effect. This mosaic membrane is promising to be useful in brackish water desalination, desalting in food and pharmaceutical processing and so on.

【2. Temperature-responsive charged membrane (TR-CMs)】

 We have prepared temperature-responsive charged membranes (TR-CMs) by introducing TR groups such as N-isopropylamide into the membrane matrix. This TR-CM can immediately change the ion transport behavior across the membrane, such as amount, direction and so on, by environmental temperature stimuli. Hence, TR-CMs can be used for electrodialysis, drug delivery system and so on.

【3. pH-memorable charged membrane】

 Conventional pH-responsive charged membranes can immediately response to the environmental pH, but cannot keep its previous responded state when the environmental pH is changed. On the other hand, we have developed a charged membrane having a pH-memory effect. This membrane can response to the environmental pH and keep its responded state in the other pH environment, that is, this membrane can memory the previous pH. This interesting membrane is promising to be useful for chemical valve and so on.

【4. Performance evaluation of charged membrane developed by using ion-track technology】

 We have analyzed the charged membrane performances, developed by using ion-track technology, in electrodialysis. Ion-track grafting technique provides a local modification at the activated continuous trail generated by ion-beam. The one-dimensional shortest pathways with high charge density would be preferable for ion transport in electrodialysis.