【1. Development of reverse electrodialysis system for salinity gradient power generation】

 Reverse electrodialysis (RED) has attracted research attention because it’s regarded as an environmental friendly power generation system. Electric power is generated by using two solutions with different salt concentrations such as seawater and river water in a RED system. The treated sewage can be also used instead of river water. In our lab, we have researched on this RED technology by developing a high performance RED membrane, evaluation of the RED system performance and so on.

【2. Development of conductive spacer specialized for RED】

 To improve the RED performance, a solution resistance at the low concentration side should be reduced. Because feed channel spacers are installed between the stacked membranes to keep the pathway for the suppling solution in RED, spacer characteristics has a significant impact on its resistance and the subsequent RED performance. In our lab, we have developed conductive channel spacers specialized for RED system. We have also evaluated the RED performance using the developed spaces.

【3. Development of profiled membrane for RED】

 We have developed profiled membranes specialized for RED. The profiled membrane has regularly structured ridges on the one side of the membrane, which act as not only ion exchange membrane but also spacer. Therefore, this membrane can be stacked without any spacers. In addition, this profiled membrane would enhance the amount of the generated power in RED due to small resistance.